About Us

Who’s driving this van anyway?

( aka: the executive team )


Tiago Soromenho, Founder and Chief Experience Architect

Tiago started StickyStreet after guiding many Fortune 500 companies’ presence on the Internet during the early stages of the digital age. A graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Tiago was one of the first web designers anywhere. At Chiat/Day, Tiago created some of the very first web sites for many iconic brands. Driven by the capability of the Internet to revolutionize the way those brands interact with their customers, Tiago was a key part of the team that founded Zentropy Partners as Sr. VP, Creative Director, in the Interpublic group of companies, playing a key part in leveraging the international footprint of McCann Erickson clients. After a decade making large companies larger, Tiago envisioned an opportunity to enable small businesses around the world to be able to compete on equal footing: He founded StickyStreet and as Chief Experience Architect and its chief Technologist, Tiago works tirelessly to improve the user experience and functionality of the StickyStreet platform. as well as its integrations across the world with many other SaaS platforms.

Tiago still has an original Apple Macintosh with the square mouse, and can’t wait to test the iBrain interface when it comes out.


Edgar Arana, Director of Operations

Edgar joined StickyStreet soon after its inception. Born in Guatemala, he has a background in Accounting but is an entrepreneur at heart. Prior to joining StickyStreet, Edgar had co-founded two marketing agencies as one of the early adopters of the StickyStreet Platform and implemented many successful loyalty programs throughout the US and Latin America to address different markets. Recognizing his talent, and passion to genuinely help businesses grow and succeed, StickyStreet asked Edgar to come lead its product group, to establish a strong link with the needs of merchants around the world. 

Edgar loves to exercise and play soccer (of course he does) which allows him to fully enjoy the amazing food culture in Austin, TX.



Global Advisory Team

Stefano Benvenuti

simple solution
Rome, Italy

Reto Wettstein

BizTelligence GmbH
Zurich, Switzerland

Michael Rebiffe

IQ Gecko
Sydney, Australia