Get Sticky with us!

(Well … you know what we mean. Get your mind out of the gutter.)

We can’t think of a better place to get stuck, if you have to have a job. Our loyalty platform is used by marketing agencies, designers and entrepreneurs all over the world in like, lots o’ languages. We’re growing and want to play with the brightest and coolest.

Working at StickyStreet

StickyStreet® is a growing company with tons of attitude. Our platform is the foundation for marketing agencies that specialize in loyalty all over the globe. What started as an idea between two guys over 5 years ago has come to fruition in a most exciting way. We are committed to developing and delivering the best loyalty and gift card platform in the industry – globally.

Presently we are at an amazing period in our timeline and things are starting to rock and roll. We’ve gotten a little cash, and our agencies and clients love us and we’re growing fast. Trust us, now is the time to make friends with us before we get shades and start driving our van so fast we won’t have time to stop and pick you up.

Missing from our rag-tag team:

NOTE: Not AT ALL interested in dealing with placement firms / outsourcing / head hunters, etc. so if you are one, don’t bother contacting us, we will ignore you.

  • An experienced LAMP stack developer with lots of experience in object-oriented PHP, deep, deep understanding of MySQL capabilities, not a Git but breathes it, talkin’ the language of branches, commits and all that, and oh yeah: Previous experience developing APIs. Start on a project basis, with eventual conversion to full-time position based on performance and fit. Once the accolades are earned, this hero with super-powers will be responsible for understanding the StickyStreet platform and refactoring parts of it into code that sings notes of beauty and runs fast like a cheetah on steroids. Flexible workplace arrangement, though you are expected to be able transport yourself to work in Bethesda, MD, part of the time.

  • Marketing Interns for Spring/Summer 2013: Hip guy or girl with visions of grandeur? Can you identify a target market ripe for the picking, figure out what’s needed to reach it, execute on that plan, and sell the heck out of the fruits of your labor? We’re not talking cold calls or door-to-door (pft!) We’re talking industries, geographies, targeted reach strategies for high-level sales. If you channel Jerry Maguire in your sleep, we’ve got the opportunity for you. Work with the pros, learn how they do it, and get feedback and experience – except no book learning here: It’s all hands on, where you get to practice what you preach.


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