Sticky To Go

Spend 5 Minutes on the “Street” & you will see why we are the world’s largest loyalty platform in over 90 countries & dozens of languages.

Web Based / Cloud Solution

Our API platform allows you to manage your client’s accounts from anywhere in the world. In the Cloud, it works with any popular browser, operating system, terminal, or mobile device.

360º Platform

Quickly & easily create & manage private label, in-house loyalty & stored value programs under your own brand. It’s a turn key solution online within hours, or build your own custom solution.


Powerful, Yet Flexible

With over 7 campaign styles, including points, Buy x Get X, Two-Tier and even Coalitions the power is in your hands, on the cloud, or on any mobile device.

Consumer Facebook® Enrollment

Our “Web Sign-Up Registration” can be customized to collect unlimited customer information, or use the nifty Enroll with Facebook and your clients customers are in your programs (and your clients databases) in a jiffy.


Consumer Engagement

Not only can your clients’ customers enroll online, but they can be engaged with password protected consumer profiles where they can check their activity, see points and gift card balances- even redeem rewards online if you wish anytime & anywhere.

Customise your Interface. It’s Magic!

Direct your customers to your own dedicated & customised page (with your logo) on our site or have a web link from your site or put our page into an iFrame on your site or integrate the StickyStreet API directly into your site. We are ready to do whatever you prefer which allows for maximum independence & marketing opportunities.


Say thank you. Automatically.

Nothing says “Thank-you” quite like, well, saying “Thank-you”. Our platform auto-emails (at your discretion, a thank-you greeting & points status after each purchase from your clients company. It’s very powerful because it reinforces the merchant’s relationship with the consumer. Now you are continuing past being “In-Shop” to now also being invited “In-Home”.

Loyalty Made PocketSize. Neat.

Take your clients loyalty programs on the road (buckle up please), with our ready to go mobile version, which also works with the ingenious NomadSwipe Product for iDevices and Android for magnetic card swiping, or choose RewardScan to snap a barcoded card right into the application and register transactions “on-the-go” by scanning the customer’s barcode with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch camera.



You can use our mobile version with any Touch Screen PC, Tablet, or SmartPhone. Just sign-in and you are away! Custom CSS and features selections allows you to make it personal to your loyalty agency and clients’ needs.

Reporting / Analytics

Who buys the most? Who has not been back in a while?
Run a report to design your plan to increase the overall spend average – and frequency.
All reports can be exported to a MS Excel files so you can use the data for your various Marketing campaigns (Email, SMS, Newsletter).


Stuck On Loyalty

Although created in the cloud, our API allows for integrations into virtually any product that has web services or an API. All over the globe, StickyStreet is being integrated into terminals like the Verifone® VX and Evolution Series. Even the Exadigm, and the SP7a are coming to a business near you. You create the loyalty scheme in the cloud and in an instant it’s on the terminal.

Do you speak English?

Of course we do, but as StickyStreet is used globally by agencies of all sizes we also speak French, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Georgian with more on the way.


Are your clients Hungry for Loyalty?

That’s cool. StickyStreet works seamlessly with to bring loyalty to online ordering and delivery via their amazing Online Ordering Engine. Makes me think, when’s lunch?

Built on the API

Our platform in unrivaled by anyone in the world for one simple reason: Our robust and powerful API. Using our API the opportunities are unlimited for your agency. Go after the smallest turn key client, or integrate our platform into any other API accessible product and go big!



Many businesses build their products on our platform and every precaution is take to protect your data. We don’t rent or sell your clients info. We’re hosted at RackSpace and our code is at Iron Mountain for added security. Enough said.

We’re trustworthy. Promise.

We self subscribe to the US Department of Commerce’s Safe Harbor program for the US, UK and Swiss Governments to show that we are serious about your privacy and the integrity of your data. Our privacy statement is annually reviewed as are our data protection policies. We’re also a member of the International Better Business Bureau.


We like to Monkey around.

We’re a hip dot com, full of neat people. It’s not unusual for us to have a little monkey business every now and then. That’s why we have an integration into one of the coolest Email Marketing tools on the planet: Mailchimp. If that cute guy doesn’t suit your fancy, integrate into any one of a dozen more platforms using our API.


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