Agencies adore us. We get flowers & gifts all the time. We live with it.

All around the flat world, marketing companies, agencies, firms, ad companies, (are you seeing where this is going?), entrepreneurs embrace the StickyStreet technology (sometimes they also hug – please look away, it’s a private moment). Our platform is powerful enough for the smallest entrepreneur to get started within hours, and robust enough for a world class company to launch an Enterprise (no, not the Starship) application globally.  Since we’re white label, we don’t disclose their names, but we keep good records so we know these are real testimonials and a few of them are happy to chat, however most keep the fact that they use us a well kept secret.

“In advance of selecting a loyalty platform to license, the [undisclosed agency name] team conducted extensive research. Our criteria included a platform that was proven and a management team that would be responsive to our needs.

The fact that we wrote a large check and entered into a license agreement with Sticky Street states loudly that we found both in Sticky Street. What has been more than a pleasant surprise since entering into the agreement this past January is the time and effort that Anthony Angell and Tiago Soromenho have invested to make us successful licensees.

Anthony’s enthusiasm and vision are contagious, Tiago’s ability to map a matching technical strategy with marketing wisdom is a winning combination. The recent addition of Tim Barnes to their management team continues to demonstrate their ability to “get the right people on the bus”.  This is a team that we are excited to be affiliated with and look forward to a long and profitable relationship!


“We have worked with StickyStreet since 2009. Its robust loylaty platform has proved stable, secure and reliable enough to trust our major customers to it, such as banks, credit cards and large retail companies. Anthony Angell and Tiago Soromenho, founders of StickyStreet, are always ready to meet the most exacting demands of our customers. They are truly our strategic partners.”


I have been using the Sticky Street platform for over two years to run my loyalty company, [undisclosed agency name].

I would not have been able to get my venture off the ground without Anthony’s personal patience and hands on assistance. He creatively solved a unique void in the loyalty service industry.

Anthony was able to envision and execute a method of utilizing the Sticky Street software so that my business problems were solved and my goals were met.

I understand that other companies may have also been assisted by Anthony’s vision and his commitment to StickyStreet.

On a personal level, I have grown to rely upon Anthony’s word. If he makes a commitment, it is as good as done and I have no worries! I trust Anthony implicitly with my business future, and would hitch my wagon to him again any day! I believe in Anthony’s creativity and bold approach to finding solutions to business problems.

In my life, Anthony is one of the sharpest businessmen I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Although I met him online, through a search for a service, he has become a friend, and not just a business resource. That is a unique human skill.

I wholeheartedly endorse Anthony Angell, and his future goals.


“Working with Anthony Angell and the team at StickyStreet can be described in two words; “Exciting” and “Professional”. Their experience in creating a fantastic and easy to use back-end system that powers the StickStreet platform has only been outshone by their
determination to have a gorgeous and easy to use loyalty front-end. Attractiveness and ease of use aside – working with StickyStreet gives us at [undisclosed agency name] the capability to bring the newest and most cutting edge technologies to market first.

I firmly believe that having the capability to offer the StickyStreet platform feature-set is one of the main drivers that made my client, “Top 5” Australian financial institution “Suncorp Bank chose the StickyStreet platform as their application of choice to feature on their merchant credit card terminal.

And beyond that, it’s all good!”


Merchants just love our technology too, really it’s true.

The StickyStreet platform will work with any of your clients: pet shops, salons, e-commerce sites, bike shops, churches, banks, butchers*, supply companies, cafés, coffee shops, insurance companies, real estate agents…well, you get the point, anyone, any size, anywhere!
Here’s what they say:

“StickyStreet.com offers an outstanding user-friendly application that’s enabled us to effortlessly grow and expand our company’s loyalty point programs beyond our wildest expectations – into a user base of over 1 million active and enthusiastic teen users!

The StickyStreet.com program is easy to implement and the customer support is extraordinary. We look forward to continuing to recruit and captivate new teen visitors with StickyStreet.com.”
— The Marketing Agency


“I use it to track the referrals from my past clients. They love the incentives, which I change monthly and they really think being able to track their referrals on my site is neat.
— The Agent


“an unbelievable loyalty program!”
— The Salon


“As the owner of an online store, and I’ve been searching for some time now for a way to keep track of my Customer Rewards Program. It is so easy to use! You can set up as many promotions as you want. For instance, I have a point per dollar spent promotion, a sign-up bonus, extra points for referring a friend to my site, and extra points for sending in a product review. This application makes it easy to set up and keep track of it all! It’s also free to try out for your first 10 customers, so you can get a feel for how it works. I highly recommend that you try it today!”
— Online Store


“We are using it to great effect with a gift card system and staff loyalty program. Looking forward to the new updated features.”
— The Bike Shop


“I have been a Children’s Pastor for 11 years and have used many different types of rewards systems for our kids, everything from Bible Bucks to Pixy Stix. I came across this and was amazed. I love the clean easy to use interface and affordability, the kids love having a card they can hold onto and use. The customized card that each kid receives is a fantastic incentive tool for your kids church no matter how many kids . If you are a Children’s pastor and are tired of current rewards system switch now!”
— The Church


“I opened my account and then sent out an email to the subscribers of my blog to tell them about my new “Gold Club”. Overnight, I got great results and people are still signing up online every day. I have been very pleased and haven’t even started to use all of the features. I have some great ideas on fundraising for the local schools and this clever tool will prove to be invaluable. I’m also using it for my gift cards now instead of those cheap paper gift certificates. It’s great because you can have one card that serves two purposes, my clients always keep their cards with them.”
– The Butcher (told you.)


“Before choosing this program, we looked everywhere for a solution to fit our needs for a customer loyalty program. All of the others were tied to gift cards in some way, and expensive. This was exactly what we needed, and has worked perfectly.”
– The Electrical Supply Company


Please read the following testimonial with an Australian Accent, ’cause this user is in Australia:

“I have spent months scouring the internet searching for a customer loyalty software package that was simple to use yet functional enough to meet my needs and fell within my limited budget. I trialled dozens of expensive POS systems assuming all the time that I would need to change my existing POS software to one that included this functionality. I was looking down the barrel at a $5k+ investment (and that doesn’t include the business interruption time).

Stupid Me! All this time the answer was so simple! I finally changed my search criteria to look for an online bureau service when I stumbled upon this. No kidding, 5 minutes after I read about the product I had my entire loyalty program defined and configured. This is without doubt the easiest software configuration I have ever had the pleasure of working with. And folks, I’ve had 14 years experience in the IT industry as a process re-engineer, implementing and designing corporate systems for end users, many with little to no IT knowledge!

I joined on Sunday night, it’s now Tuesday evening and I’ve already got my first 15 regular customers signed up with active accounts. Wow! I’m really impressed with it!”
– The Café


“We use our loyalty program to give our customers an edge in the internet economy. They choose us for the extras we provide, like our rewards, when they could go to someone else. To us, offering a perk like this is a must in this day of a go anywhere to shop mentality. Thanks for a well thought out product.”
– The Outlet


“I just found your site and I can’t tell you how thrilled with it I am! You have done a fabulous job understanding what marketing departments of small companies practically need! This is exactly what we have been looking for!”
– The Insurance Company


“What a nice touch to get a personalized email from someone. I am very impressed by your site and am excited about all it has to offer my business as well. I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to highlight my business and offer something new and exciting to my customers- and it appears this fits that bill perfectly!

I am rolling out a Passport Outta Here! Travel Destination series in January (YIPES!!! That is only two days away!!) and I think this will fit in very nicely with it. As a new company I am happy to have found something that is so professional and yet priced so the average fledgling business owner can use it. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You (did I say thank you???)”
– The Travel Agency


“Finding you is a blessing in the context of delivering an easy-to-adopt, thoughtful, customer-loyalty-driven ASP for the small business player and as such, a super differentiator. And your marketing plan is precisely the way to win hearts and minds .. Congrats! I’m looking forward to referral programs and add-on’s that level the playing field for small businesses and entry level players, being the new disruptive tools and rules. Thanks for being right on!”
– The Player