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Different reports can be generated to help your accounting and marketing efforts. StickyStreet currently allows you to output the following reports. All reports but one (the Balances Report) can be restricted to a date-range and applied to one or more campaigns at once. And all reports can be exported to a MS Excel file, so you can play with the data, or send it to your printers for that next Direct Marketing campaign, or to your contact manager to send out your weekly newsletter.


Transaction-based reports that give you details or summaries of how your campaigns are doing.

All Transactions – In case you want to review what’s been happening during a certain period, or to generate your own backups of your store’s activity.

Redeemed Only – Show a list of only “Redeem” transactions (ie: In most cases, Rewards claimed.)

Totals – A VERY useful report, that lets you see the current state of your campaigns, like how many points, or gift card balances, you have “out there”. This one makes your accountant very happy (usually).


For marketing purposes mainly, these reports return a list of customers and their information.

All Customers – Simply every single customer that has any kind of transaction in the date range and campaigns selected.

New Customers – Every customer that in the date range selected does not have any previous transactions in the campaigns selected.

Frequent Customers – Every customer that has at least the number of transactions specified in the data range and campaigns selected.

Missing Customers – All the customers that haven’t had any new transactions in the date range and campaigns selected, for at least the number of days specified.

Search – All the customers or their transactions that match the search term specified, in the date range and campaigns selected.

Customer Balances – In the campaign selected, a list of all the customers that have any recorded balance and what their earned, redeemed, and current balances are. For example, use this report to send out a mailing to your top customers (either with the highest current balances, or the ones that have spent the most)!

Example: Missing Customers report interface